Digital Media Processing Services

  • Wide range of digital media processing
  • Editing / Modification
  • Transaction and Tagging
  • Sharing / Web-Publishing
  • Tracking & Reporting online content
  • Analytics

    Scalable, Flexible

    Why Outsource to SigMax-e?
  • World class processing experience across wide range of media:
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Image
    • Data
  • Process transformation via automation
  • Insights via analytics of content
  • Scalable staffing based on your business needs
  • Access to large team of internet-savvy, “Gen Y”
  • Savings:
    • 0-40% of current costs

    Value Add

  • Innovative sourcing of talent to lower attrition & costs:
    • Built huge pool of trained students that schedule themselves for work online (SchedulerTM)
    • Leverage social media to connect with Gen-Y & Gen-Z
    • Flexible hours & wages to address peaks and troghs of workforce availability and workload
    • Automated tracking to agent performance
    • Automated reports on productivity
    • Automated processing of payment and invoiceing (CapLogTM)
  • Analysis of Client profiles & segmentation
  • Recommendations on differentiated marketing & product design