Offshore Accounting Services / Outsourcing

Market research results are consistent – finance and accounting (F&A) organizations are showing increasing interest in Outsourcing. Multiple industry surveys have shown that the majority of mid-sized to large companies – and increasingly, even SMEs — are adopting outsourcing as a key strategy, at least for some parts of their F&A operations. Many indicate a desire to extend existing outsourcing to encompass additional functions.The focus of medium and large companies has been primarily on transactional processes, such as accounts payable, receivable and payroll. On the other hand, smaller businesses have often outsourced the entire book-keeping function.

    Invoice Processing in 3 days – Guaranteed!

  • Reminders for management approval
  • Clarifications from vendors
  • PO / DR / Invoice matching

    100% Accuracy – Guaranteed!

  • Amount, Beneficiary, Matching
  • Withholding taxes
  • Exceptions

    Reconciliation & Reports

  • Ageing of invoices
  • Accruals
  • Reconciliations


  • At least 30-40% of current costs*

Why Outsource to SigMax-e?

SigMax-e’s methodologies have been designed keeping precisely these concerns in view. The principal difference SigMax-e makes is in its exclusive focus on process.

SigMax-e understands that while systems can be replicated with relative ease and even moved across platforms with moderate difficulty, processes tend to be highly imbedded and even closely customized to meet organizational requirements. It is for this reason that SigMax-e is ‘devoted to detail’.

SigMax-e uses multiple systems platforms for handling accounting processes. While it accesses a leading ERP application for providing both end-to-end accounting and specific process services, where customers insist on accessing their own, or other cloud-based systems, SigMax-e is happy to comply. Indeed, our staff have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to function across multiple platforms. This system-neutrality and flexibility, enables SigMax-e to focus on developing detailed operational procedures, document them and deliver on tight Service Level Agreements.