SigMax-e has been built ground up to make deep cuts in costs and steep improvements in the performance of business processes, by leveraging Technology, Six Sigma and several other quality improvement methodologies. SigMax-e’s expertise in process management, demonstrated through an ‘open’approach to methodologies enables it to develop the right methodology for each occasion.

In Facilitation methodologies, we share with you a few of the core methodologies we typically use in a consulting assignment to construct the one the situation demands. In Outsourcing methodologies, we share with you our Transition methodology, typically used for migrating a process from customer site to ours. Essentially, SigMax-e’s approach is based on a deep understanding of what global corporations have gone through as they transitioned their processes to a ‘vendor’ – internal or external.


  • Methods and practices proven at global companies
  • Methodology customized to suit specific circumstances / culture, after consultation with top Management
  • Specific phases, timelines and deliverables of project agreed upfront
  • Part of fees linked to your satisfaction
  • Your team gets trained on six sigma even as the project is being executed – receives appropriate ‘six sigma belt certification’
  • Many satisfied customer references!
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  • Consultation-driven approach to content and treatment
  • Participant involvement, games, case studies and theoretical content balanced in a holistic experience
  • Trainers are operational leaders with vast, global and practical experience
  • Content and examples are drawn from real life experiences in Asian context – especially in applying West-influenced practices in an Eastern setting
  • Trainers adept at “drawing out” shy and withdrawn participants to participate in discussions and ask questions
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