As SigMax-e goes about working on any client’s process, whether it relates to outsourcing or facilitation, we use certain common general principles from which specific procedures are derived to fit different situations within the scope of a particular assignment. We call these principles, Methodologies.
Our Methodologies help us – and our Bostomers* – in several ways:

  • Inform Bostomers on what to expect
  • Provide an initial road map for both parties to discuss changes and ensure we are on the same page
  • Differentiate us from our competition, who may not have a methodology or may have a different one
  • Quick start project implementation, as we don’t have to start from scratch

At the heart of all our methodologies, however, is the proven six sigma thinking that begins with listening to the Voice of the Customer (our’s as well as that of our Bostomer), developing a definition of the problem, and deriving the key issues and requirements, therefrom.

* {Customer} x {Boss} = Bostomer


The ‘first principle’ of our philosophy is the simplest of all:

The Customer is the Boss.

And the Boss? S/he is important only if s/he also happens to be the customer for the work I do. That is why, one of the first things our staff learn is the term “Bostomer”

* {Customer} x {Boss} = Bostomer

SigMax-e also believes that at the heart of most human endeavors is a process. Recognize the nature of this process, identify its owners and customers, measure the process, manage the process, continuously improve the process, manage the change process and there is no better route to world-class results.

The process of making it happen:

  • Hire for Energy, Attitude and Discipline
  • Provide everyone the basic quality skills
  • Set challenging goals
  • Track performance
  • Empower and Reward frequently
  • Nurture talent